TUESDAY~ Deconstructing Identities…

On Tuesday the festival turned into a wonderful immersive worksop, in which we got to enter the world of the theatre…

The theme of the day was ‘construction & deconstruction’, and specifically looked at how theatre as a space can set up a metaphor world in which we can look at how society constructs and deconstructs our own identity.

We opened the day by visiting the Rep Theatre, which facilitated a workshop called ‘Constructing Identities’. This was an extremely interesting experience as we got to venture behind the scenes of the theatre space and see how they construct different worlds for each production. As part of the workshop we got to visit the set of The Tempest, which was showing there at that time. The set was an amazing installation of rubbish and abandoned objects, referring to the world’s current natural disasters and the way modern society has evolved.

I felt that the set resonated our very destructive nature and our relationship to the planet and how we affect it. The set looked like a massive explosion of rubbish; there was numerous bin bags spread around it, old computers and broken technology, desolate objects and things that we no longer value. Seeing the set in this very raw and visual way made me realise how important a background is to a play, and how much it can reveal. Even without the actors on stage, the set itself presents its very own character, creating the base for the happenings in which the play could take place. This made me realise that it is very important to create a world to play in, even before the story is told…

After this, we then went upstairs to a dress rehearsal room, now thinking of how to construct a character of our own. This involved deconstructing our own identities and looking at our everyday lives. As part of this process we also explored the different levels of identity, the internal/invisible and the external/visible. For example one’s eye colour is something very tangible, it is depicted by the person who is looking at you. One person who see’s green, another can see blue. Some parts of our identity are created by the person we face, others are completely invisible, like our birthday.

On Tuesday night we ended our explorations of identity by attending a wonderful and intensive one man play of King Lear performed by Jeremy Hardingham. This was done amongst the set of the Recycling Centre, and brought to a life a very manic and surreal theatre experience, where you watched a man deconstruct himself completely, right infront of his audience….

It all began with an egg; the beginning of everything…

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About Sylvia Anna Law

I am an Edinburgh-based Creative Practitioner. I work with a large variety of medias including sound, performance art, environmental sculpture, deep listening, site-specific practices, drawing and writing. I primarily work within the realms of spatial awareness, investigating both inner and outer realms through sound, performance, listening, responsive sculpture and improvisation. I am interested in exploring the relationship between our external and internal environments and to reveal the elements that are left invisible, yet are still felt and perceived. I use my creative practice to stage events that engage audiences within immersive experiences that create a bridge between the things we see and do not see. Through them we are able to locate the true nature of our everyday habitats. As well as building my individual practice, I am also engaged in forming creative collectives and working within communities. If you wish to contact me about future projects then please send me an email, my address is: sylvia_anna_law@yahoo.co.uk I hope you enjoy my blog!

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