THURSDAY~ Sunsets on Broughty Ferry Beach…

On Thursday evening, Ruth and I ventured out to Broughty Ferry in search of the sun. We found a lovely campfire on the beach and the tent of life perched in the sand with everyone inside it. There was sandy food, beautiful skies and a barbecue, all one could want on a lovely early summer’s eve. We spent the night around the fire, reading poetry and singing as the sun slowly went down…

And then we walked the 6 miles back to Dundee singing more songs…It took us 2 hours to get back home.


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About Sylvia Anna Law

I am an Edinburgh-based Creative Practitioner. I work with a large variety of medias including sound, performance art, environmental sculpture, deep listening, site-specific practices, drawing and writing. I primarily work within the realms of spatial awareness, investigating both inner and outer realms through sound, performance, listening, responsive sculpture and improvisation. I am interested in exploring the relationship between our external and internal environments and to reveal the elements that are left invisible, yet are still felt and perceived. I use my creative practice to stage events that engage audiences within immersive experiences that create a bridge between the things we see and do not see. Through them we are able to locate the true nature of our everyday habitats. As well as building my individual practice, I am also engaged in forming creative collectives and working within communities. If you wish to contact me about future projects then please send me an email, my address is: I hope you enjoy my blog!

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