FRIDAY~ The Tempest.

The Festival ended with another storm, but this time it was one of many worlds. For the finale event, the Chamber’s East was transformed into a visual world of wonder…The room was filled with large sheets all marked as sails projecting numerous adaptations of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Scenes of water and ships embodied the space like walls, immersing you into a world of theatre and play….

We created it through imagery, sound, sculpture and performance. The space unfolded into a maze of sound, action and dialogue. A grand theatrical metamorphose…The chamber was filled with a rainbowed umbrella, a rope with ribbon, a collage chair, a heap of mattresses awaiting to be slept on and a ghost iceberg…

A PA stood at the entrance of the chamber, projecting apocalyptic noise and welcoming the public to project into the space using the human voice. Live performances and multipal screenings created a scene of chaotic nature; a woman, placed at the entrance of the space poured flour over herself like a transient death ritual. Through these bodies did we create our final Tempest…

I feel like I am walking in the apocolypse,

full of time, space and water.

As we move around there are continues moving

images of the ocean,

and of ships drowning…

Of queens and sailors,

where the waves have captured them for eternity.

The bed is empty,

and the rainbow is lost,

within the silence of our ephemerality.

The rope lies tangled in our memories,

which we once walked with together.

 His voice echoes,

but no one is here to hear.

The ghost ship awaits us,

floating invisibly…

I stand in between two screens,

watching a woman pour flour over her head,

A ritualistic dance of death,

She falls,

and yet she is still.

White & Black,

Light and Dark.

It is so loud that I cannot hear myself think,

or feel myself move.

We are all still,

in this Tempest storm. 

Over the festival, I have learnt that as much as importnat it is to have an external presence, it is also important to be invisible. I believe the nature of performance and it its ephemerality is why it creates such wonderful experiences, because within these intangible moments, where there are no boundaries, we can truly let go and immerse ourselves within moments that can change and transform us, we can shape shift through them…

I feel that the most wonderful moments of the festival have been all the little the interactions we have had between each other, the journeys in between, from place to place, and our collectivity through them…The singing and interacting with a space, and being within a moment…                 

At sunrise, after lying all night on the big communal floor of beds, we left the chamber and met Dundee in the very wakings of the day. This marked the end of the festival, as we ventured out to meet the Sun; a new beginning…

The End ¿?………

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About Sylvia Anna Law

I am an Edinburgh-based Creative Practitioner. I work with a large variety of medias including sound, performance art, environmental sculpture, deep listening, site-specific practices, drawing and writing. I primarily work within the realms of spatial awareness, investigating both inner and outer realms through sound, performance, listening, responsive sculpture and improvisation. I am interested in exploring the relationship between our external and internal environments and to reveal the elements that are left invisible, yet are still felt and perceived. I use my creative practice to stage events that engage audiences within immersive experiences that create a bridge between the things we see and do not see. Through them we are able to locate the true nature of our everyday habitats. As well as building my individual practice, I am also engaged in forming creative collectives and working within communities. If you wish to contact me about future projects then please send me an email, my address is: I hope you enjoy my blog!

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