Satellite Zine Summer Launch

Thursday August 23, 2012: a party to launch the Summer issue of the Satellite Zine. There were zines, snacks, good company, and plenty of art.

The festivities were in TBA at DJCAD as a last hurrah in the studio space I transformed over the summer. I put up a series of before and after photographs of the space, gave tours showing the reclaimed sinks, low-fi printmaking set-up, and various installations.

I continued my Me(a)nder performance by mending some shirts and cardigans. Ruth Aitken and Sylvia Law also generously mended my own holey shirt. I want to say thank you for everyone who came.

Zines and Ancient Norse

I made it to HMC today and, though a bit messily, managed to insert some toner into the cartridge. I printed off the other pages of my zine. It is not completely finished (and should not be confused with the next Satellite issue which is still open for submissions until July 27). I changed around the hub wall to show off my new and inadvertent ink drawings.

After I finished at the HMC I went to Tayside Recyclers to move the last remnants of the Iceberg. You may not recognize it.

Tonight was a performance, at Generator Projects, “Ancient Norse is not a Luxury” by James Lee and Emilia Giudicelli. More info can be found Here and Here

Two pages

That is how much of my zine I finished photocopying before running out of ink. I am going to (hopefully) fix this tomorrow. If you want to visit come by between 10 and noon and I will be there. I will make you tea.

I did get tons done today, despite the technical difficulties. I visited Theresa Lynn’s project from the festival: What Has It Got in Its Pockets. It is in the foyer of the Wellgate Library.

Sneak peak zine page:

Tomorrow I will attempt to inject ink into a machine. Wish me luck…


I came to HMC today to ‘do something’ – get some work done on the zine, add a tiny feather I found to the pile. I ended up chatting with Raz for awhile. Holly came by so we could grab some stuff from Chamber East that was left over from the Tempest. It was super relaxing and nice. Just what I needed.

I will be around a little more often – so stop on by – if I am not there you can drop documentation/work you want to submit for the Satellite Zine special issue off in a box below my part of the wall. The theme is ‘Performing Worlds’. You can also email satellitedundee(at)gmail(dot)com with pdf or jpeg submissions until July 27, 2012 for possible inclusion.


Still recovering (been sick all week) but it didn’t stop me from dismantling the Iceberg and helping Holly move her immense round table. I am looking forward to seeing some folks on Saturday the 23rd, 5-7 at the Hannah Maclure Centre, for Tracy and Edwin’s celebration. We can relax, drink, conversate, and catch up after such a huge week.


I am no longer worried about daily postings. My routine will return to normalcy (of sorts) and I will have a chance to think deeply about this wild week. There were so many activities – which was great – but now I need the time to sort out all that happened.

I want to show these pictures – the aftermath of the Festival/Tempest on my living space – the physical remains of such a busy festival week.

Our bodies are also in need of attention – or at the very least sleep. I was happy to receive a water treatment from Holly Keasey (though I know the value is in repetition). Yvonne organized the lunches which nourished us all week – huge thanks to her, to everyone who helped cook, donated food, and moved all the gear from place to place. Thanks to Jonathan Baxter for getting all this to happen in the first place. Everyone who put on events made this – and luckily people showed up to participate. There are loads of organizations who have given spaces and resources. The biggest support has been the Hannah Maclure Center. The festival proper may be over, but many of us have been documenting the week in various ways – and there is a hub space at the HMC where we will continue to have access throughout the exhibition. This access to a space for an extended period of time is invaluable. So yeah – come visit us, say hello, etc.

I think/hope this blog will be added to by many more people. It was a huge challenge for me to finish a post a day whilst also participating in the festival. Now that there is more time to reflect and dive into the data collected, more people’s opinions and perspectives will be available here.

The Tempest arrives.

My day began by waking up and thinking about what I could physically do. This wonderful and strenuous endurance taking week was nearly over – but could I survive to start my new job over the weekend? I quickly concluded that certain things I had thought about would not be happening, but other things would – and I was okay with it. I started off by choosing my favorite clothes and wearable gifts from the closet.

I added my usual notes and collected objects to the hub space. It was good to run into Sarah putting up a scroll, talk with Tracy and Edwin, Yvonne and Gerry (as they prepared the final of this weeks lunches), and all the other folks in the gallery.

I headed towards the city square. I missed the performances, due to the late start and various errands, but managed to make it for lunch. The rain left us sheltering beneath the huge columns of Caird Hall. We then headed to Chamber East to warm up and partake in the SerenA project’s workshop.

The workshop left us with our first piece in the installation for the evening’s Tempest – a mass of colorful ribbons hanging in the center of the space. More things were added. I brought the ghost shell of my iceberg. Alexander Storey Gordon put together the video installation. Alistair Wilson brought the Tag Tool. Raz collaged live audio with recordings from the week – conjuring an auditory storm. Many people added spoken verse and song. Pernille Spence gave a performance with flour, Jonathan Baxter with inflatable rafts.

Then, after a full week, I bid farewell. More things are happening without me. A film – Derek Jarman’s Tempest may be screened, the Tent of Life, What Has It Got in Its Pockets, and countless others may arrive. The sun will rise – and on the banks of the Tay will be a gathering of happily weary and delirious folk. I will join in cleaning up the space tomorrow morning – but for now, sleep.

Water Meander

An epic day.

Starting out with the Water Breakfast, hosted by Holly Keasey, at Olympia Leisure Center.

After our full breakfast we headed off to Finlathen park to walk the Dighty Burn with Rebecca Wade. It was simply a great day to be outside.

We met up with Ann Lolly and Susanna Silver for a talk before another great lunch, and then discussed the artifacts of our walk with Theresa Lynn.

More meandering the Dighty Burn and a stop for coffee before meeting with members of the Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association and swimming in the Tay. My first time – and it felt great.

We then headed down the beach to celebrate the sun with poetry, fire, food, song, impromptu theater, and sand.

I smell of campfire and feel I may truly understand the word knackered for the first time. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Bringing it.

Yes you all did – and I thank you – and Jonbro thanks you – and it was great – and damn do I need sleep – but this TAKES PRECEDENCE – so there.

These are all bad pictures of great things. There is even a cheat where I do a poor recreation of my talk/picture with a hastily devised screen shot.

Thanks to Fleet Collective and Chamber East, and Eilidh Mckay who didn’t know she would be our emcee but did a fine job!

In order of chronology for very limited means of posterity:

Morgan Cahn: BONE(r)S.

Ben Robinson: The genealogy of lolcats.

Ed Broughton: Pressure-sensitive tape.

Beth Savage: Things I like.


Theresa Lynn: Calendula officinalis.

Ruth Aitkin and Tara Chaloner: Hypnodog.

Sarah Gittins: Laughter.

Alex Tobin: Who was phone?

Jonathan Brodsky: Practical applications of paradox free time travel.

Holly Keasey: How to properly eat softmints.

The tent of death also briefly made an appearance.